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SPMC was designed by Japanese architects keeping up the modern trends in pharmaceuticals manufacturing. Production area is an ultra clean zone consisting of central air conditioning equipped with "High Efficiency Particulate Air" filters to minimize particles in the production area .Factory layout facilities flow of material while maintaining excellent quality standards. Dedicated, experienced and qualified production staff was trained with the help of Japanese and subsequently guided by the World Health Organization experts on current good manufacturing practices to manufacture products of the highest quality. Maintaining quality of the product is a main responsibility of the production staff and they conduct initial and in-process testing of the products manufactured by them in a modern laboratory inside the production department thus ensuring that only highest quality products are manufactured.

Contact person
Jayaweera S. P
DGM - Production
Office Direct : 011 - 2623521
Office : 011 - 2637574 , 2635353 Ext. 426, 427
E-Mail - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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